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Crucified​ in the market square.

It’s Good Friday. As a Humanist, the religious aspect of this holds little interest for me, I merely observe, but as a photographer, I’m interested in the pageant and the spectacle. So it was, back in 2003, I visited Market Rasen here in Lincolnshire, to see the annual passion play. Sadly this event hasn’t taken place since 2006 I believe. (should anybody know different I would love to hear about it) Here are a few images from the day.    

Meridian landfall, Holderness. A Line Runs Through It, PDBarton

A Line Runs Through It

For the purpose of navigation, the earth is notionally divided into Eastern and Western Hemispheres. The line which divides those hemispheres is the Prime Meridian Leaving the North Pole the line travels towards the South Pole. The first land it reaches is on the East coast of England, just above the Humber estuary in the ancient coastal area of Holderness, an area of chronic coastal erosion. The  Meridian project, entitled “A line runs through it “ involved travelling along this line from landfall in Holderness in the North, south across the Humber to the seaside towns in North East Lincolnshire and onwards into Lincolnshire, passing through the Lincolnshire Wolds and the fenlands around Boston and Holbeach, and finally to the Lincolnshire/ Cambridgeshire border. The whole distance travelled from Landfall in the North to the Cambridgeshire border in the South is 121.4Km ( 75.43 miles). The Images were captured along the line and to either side over the space of 6 months. These images are bound together by nothing other than their geographic proximity to a …

Book Review: Retrospective. Phil Cosker

Photographer: Phil Cosker Book title: Retrospective Size: 250mm X 210mm X 18mm (Landscape format) Images: 128 pictures each sized 210mm X 140mm Weight: 906g Dust cover?: No Boxed?: No Loose Print included?: No ISBN: 978-1-36-726937-8 Purchase price: £45.00. Described as a ‘retrospective’, Phil’s new book spans a 50 year period up to the present day. Beautifully observed pictures from a half-century of looking. The images in the book currently (Late 2016) form a series of exhibitions throughout Lincolnshire; some grouped together, like the ’Snaps’ Exhibition at the Sam Scorer gallery in Lincoln, and others on their own, printed large, very large even and exhibited in churchyards around the county. Phil’s work comprises both black and white and colour  images derived from film and digital cameras, though the landscape pictures were made with an  old half plate camera using glass plates, demonstrating  the detail you would expect from that medium. I visited the exhibition in Lincoln and have so far been to 3 churchyards to see the landscape images. The landscape images when rendered in the …