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Mablethorpe madness.

On every other Sunday from October to September the flat-ish beach of a fading ‘kiss me quick hat’ beach resort on the East Coast of England turns into a mayhem mixture of burning Castrol R oil, flying sand and shiny 2 wheeled projectiles with humans of all ages and both sexes trying to stay on top of them as they thrash around the sand (occasionally water) course.

It’s sand racing. A cross between motorcycle speedway, grass track and circuit racing – but somehow not managing to be any of those.

It’s casually organised – not official that is. Anybody with a bike can ride. No license needed. Just get on and go when you’re told.

If you fall off, and many do, the race is stopped and the ambulance drives across the beach to where you are. Once clear, off they go again.

The noise straightens your hair, if the winds of the North Sea haven’t done that already.

Sand, sea, fish and chips and motorbike racing on the beach. How can it get better than that?

The bad news is, according to the web site, the 20/21 season has been called off because of Covid.

30th September 2020

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