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A Line Runs through it – online.

Back in early April I wrote here about the possibility of an on-line exhibition of the works comprising this show.

I’m pleased to say the exhibition of the images produced is now live. It can be found here.

“A line Runs through it.”

The work describes, both geographically and in pictures, the transit of the 0deg Meridian line as it passes from just above first landfall in Holderness in the east Riding of Yorkshire, South across the Humber and continuing on through Lincolnshire until reaching the Lincolnshire / Cambridgeshire border some 76 miles due south.

The image above shows some of the Ordnance Survey maps and photographic and GPS navigation tools to make images.

I would like to thank Masshaus Exhibition Design of Birmingham for the renders of a virtual gallery for these images and, in particular to Kate Naylor-Barton, the Design Director at Masshaus – our daughter – for the design and production of the website.

Images are available to purchase.

Please contact me on peter@peterdbarton.com for details.

Lincoln, UK

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