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In search of the perfect camera strap.

Those who follow my photo comments will know I don’t talk much (not at all really) about gear. The mere mention of a camera brand or exposure details in a blog or Tweet just… well, you know. It may come as a surprise, therefore, when I tell you I’m going to spout about a piece of sundry equipment which has wowed me recently. Let me explain. Just like millions of other photographers, for years I’ve carried varying forms of cameras around my neck or over my shoulder and I’ve NEVER been satisfied with the manufacturer supplied straps, or any from the aftermarket for that matter. They were either too long, or short, difficult to re-size, they were too wide or too narrow. Argghhh. They drove me nuts. I have a preference for a short camera strap – about 800mm – which, when the camera is draped around my neck places the camera mid-chest. These are not easy to find. And, at the same time, I like to carry my camera across my body, hanging by …

New project pages

I’ve been rationalising these pages recently. I’ve included a section on the site called “Projects and Series” . You can see it top right in the heading navigation. This leads to a page providing links to the different projects and series I’ve been working on (and continue to do so). Some of the pictures in these sections date back to the late 1960’s – early 1970’s.  I hope you enjoy them all. PDBarton Lincoln 2018