Author: PDBarton

That picture. Is it real? You decide.

This is my opinion. Let me start by saying… I am no supporter of the Royals in general and Andrew in particular. I am not attempting to prove his innocence or otherwise in relation to the charges made against him in relation to his association with a convicted sex offender – if that’s what they are. I am not an expert on the practice of photo manipulation. I’ve done a lot. I’ve also driven many miles in over 50 years of driving but that does not mean I’m an expert driver either. What it does mean is I have a lot of experience of both. What I am looking at and discussing here is whether or not I believe the picture in question. Let me explain the issues I believe, for me at least, make the image questionable. A. Generally The tonal range of each individual does not  look right, one against the other The lady on the right looks right in relation to the room the image was taken in. The other two look …

Boston 2018

A picture taken in Boston, near to St Botolphs church, aka Boston Stump. This image was originally taken as part of a series  I was making about the meridian as it passes through Lincolnshire. However, it does have carryover to other series; for example the series on dumped furniture and another on reduced landscapes. The abstraction of what I saw appealed to me greatly. PDBarton November 2019

You have to be there very early.

The Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, except perhaps, when it has swarms of tourists all over it. Sue and I were there at the end of 2007. We arrived in the extreme cold and dark of an early morning. Abhishek had got us out of our beds saying “you have to be early”. As the sun came up the Taj appeared from the obscuring still mist, The rays of the sun glinted off pieces of pieces of semi precious stones inlaid into the dome. It was a truly wonderful experience. Shortly afterwards masses of tourist appeared, all vying to sit on the “Lady Diana” bench to get a selfie with the glorious Taj behind them. The moment was lost. Yes these images are touristy, but that’s what we were, simply tourists. Just two amongst the throng. And would I have missed it? Not a chance. Exquisite and wonderful. PDBarton Lincoln 2019