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Count your blessings

Yesterday I had a perfect morning.

Physically I felt well, ten years younger in fact. My legs didn’t ache. I didn’t drag my feet and when I had finished my walk, I could have easily done it again – that’s not generally the case.

What was it down to? I don’t know. Perhaps it was the morning; glorious autumn sunshine, crisp cold air, no wind and very slight early mist amongst the trees in the wood. Perhaps it was the animals. Squirrels dashing across the path and pheasants calling in the background.

Bess, our ageing chocolate Labrador meandered from one scent spot to another amongst the bracken. But I was in no rush. I could wait.

Somebody in the cottages alongside the wood was burning wood in their stove and the perfumed smell of the smoke drifted across the trees like incense. The smell transported me back to the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern India. It’s surprising how our sense of smell does that more readily than other senses.

I was warm, with good shoes, thick woollen pullover and gloves.

I was listening to an audio book on my ear pods.

All was well with my little world. I realised how lucky I am. Despite the madness surrounding the world at the moment, I was at peace. That’s rare for me.

Add to that, I’m fortunate to be married to a person who is a better person than I am. I know it’s a cliche but, I count my blessings.

5 November 2020

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  1. Excellent observations – and oh, so true.

    It’s throwing it down here in Johannesburg this morning and our Lab, Cindy is looking at me as much to say: ”Oi, I still need a walk y’know?”

    As we need to do a bit of shopping this morning I think she’ll have to be content with a ride i the car!

    Be well during your lastest phase of lockdown. We may yet get there again as well.

    Nice photo.


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