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Sound and pictures

Like many others I guess, I edit pictures whilst listening to music. I always have done, ever since my darkroom days. I even write whilst listening to music – though there cannot be any vocals, too distracting.

Often the music dictates what I edit and indeed the way I might edit it. And, of course, some pictures just call for a specific genre or mood of music.

Whilst editing this series on Lincolnshire Landscapes I started out with “Arvo Pärt​, Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten”. In many ways this set the tone for the editing, particularly the opening shots.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and the music.



    • PDBarton says

      Good morning.
      I had a look at your website this morning. It’s an interesting read.
      I haven’t been film for years but I have hundreds of negs, of many sizes, from when film was king. I still print some, of course they’ve been scanned – I sold my darkroom 20 years back.
      Some of my favourite images were used using film. I’m not convinced it’s anything to do with the medium. Perhaps I was just ‘better’ back then.
      Keep in touch
      Best regards


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