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I don’t talk about cameras but…

Generally I make it a principle not to talk about cameras. However, today I want to make an exception.

Over the many years I’ve been taking pictures I’ve used many cameras, both film and digital. And yes, I’ve spent, some might say wasted, a lot of money in satisfying my interest, again, some might say, obsession, with cameras.

The problem I have is that I genuinely like cameras. Not just the use of them but the whole thing, aesthetics, mechanics, even the smell, of cameras.

This obsession led me down many roads. I switched to digital fairly early – I even bought (arguably) the first digital camera, the game changing but dreadful Casio QV-10 which I still have in my collection. I moved into high end Nikon digital gear*. I loved its immediacy.

However, even whilst a digital user, I was seduced by one analogue camera. The Hasselblad Xpan.

This camera used 35mm film but produces a negative almost twice as long as a standard 35mm camera. The format appealed to me so I took the plunge and bought the camera, a 45mm lens and a 30mm lens.

I enjoyed the results but for (impatient) me the immediacy of digital won the day and I sold the camera – 10 years ago now.
It is worthy of note, this camera and lens has been the only camera** I have bought which was sold for more than it cost me. It showed me a good 25% profit at the time. Perhaps, had I held onto it I would have made more.

* Gone now. I use German Mirrorless.
**apart from those I bought at auction to deliberately sell for profit.

A few images from the camera. (give them a nudge to see the larger image)


  1. I always smile whenever I watch the film, Blow up and the time it took Hemmings’ character to enlarge all those negatives, and yet, still manage to hold the viewers interest!

    As cliché as it is, digital is the best thing since sliced bread.


  2. PDBarton says

    I agree. Some see film and wet developing and printing as being somehow more “worthy”.
    I’m not so sure.
    Best regards,

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    • My first camera was a kodak 110 instamatic and I used to get the film developed at a small shop in St Michael’s arcade in Chester.
      There was a certain thrill of anticipation waiting for the photos, but this was usually offset by the dissapointment of the majority of crappy shots that were exchanged for my hard earned shekels!


  3. Photos from the Xpan always make me smile. It is an amazing camera that I’ve often thought about. For now I’ll settle for my Canon EOS-1, which I bought and reviewed back in February. I’d grown up shooting film and taught myself to develop black and white in my parent’s bathroom. Later I’d become a darkroom assistant in college, being one of the very few who knew what they were doing down there.

    Your Xpan photos are phenomenal, and I can relate all to well to the nostalgia of cameras. Shortly after purchasing the EOS-1 which works flawlessly, I got an EOS 650 which is a little buggy as Canon’s first EF system camera. I also regret selling certain cameras. My Olympus PEN E-P2 in particular.

    That was an amazing camera that I wish I’d never let go of.

    Anyway, glad to have found another blogger with a passion for film photography. I look forward to your next post.


    • PDBarton says

      Thanks for your comment.
      I did reason my way into selling the Hasselblad, though in hindsight I’m not at all sure the reasoning was sound.
      I shoot no film anymore. I am exclusively digital – though I am still drawn towards taking up a 5×4 plate camera again. When I used one years back I really enjoyed the slow pace.

      Thanks again for your kind comment.

      Best regards,


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