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Birmingham in 1891

Rocks Royal Birmingham Cabinet Album

A few years ago I came across a very slim, ornate volume at a car boot sale.
Recently, whilst tidying up for a room decoration, I came across it again. It’s entitled “Rocks Royal Birmingham Cabinet Album” and glorious little piece of Victoriana it is too.

Needles to say it was the “Birmingham” element of the title which caught my attention, It’s where I was born you see.

It was published in London and printed in Germany. Although I can’t find a publishing date, I’m lead to believe it was in 1891.

Inside there are 10 plates showing architectural elements of the city back then, some of which are still standing, and some I remember from my youth, but have since been demolished.

I publish the plates in full here. If you have any questions contact me and I’ll endeavour to answer them.

Peter Barton


March 2021

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