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Lincoln Steam Punk Festival 2018

Each year the ancient city of Lincoln in the East Midlands of England hosts the “Steam Punk Festival”.

I’ve been visiting for some years now and the event has grown and grown. Thousands now attend, even from overseas. This year the numbers far exceeded anything I have seen before.

There are some astonishing outfits created by the devotees in which they parade around the top end of the city, near to the castle and the cathedral. Those who are dressed in the most exceptional, outrageous even, outfits can hardly move for photographers who buzz around them, most with medium to long lenses. My choice is one camera and one lens, a short lens at that, so I have to get close. For example, this girl was deservedly mobbed. Quite astounding style and technical ability.


This man was dressed as a Pirate, complete with a wooden leg. I asked if he had the leg strapped up. He said “I have no legs at all. Even the other is fake”.


I saw a bus being filled with Steam Punk visitors. Before it started off I stepped on, said hello to everybody, took their picture and said to them all ” It is the most outrageous group of people I have ever seen on a bus”. I left, wishing them all a good day.
Great good humour from them all.


Steam Punk visitors at the cash machines.


Steam Punk market Stalls and visitors.




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