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Exhibition Review: BP Portrait Exhibition

image credit; Laura In Black Oil on Linen 508 x 406 20/09/2015 © Joshua LaRock

It’s rare we here in Lincoln, in the east of England,  get the chance to see the results of a prestigious, International competition and award. We tend to be a bit of a backwater where the arts are concerned.

If you are minded  to view international portraiture at it’s best now’s your chance. And it’s a rare and fleeting chance at that. Running from 12th September to the 13th November 2016 the BP Portrait exhibition is being hosted in the Usher gallery in Lincoln city.

Hung in 4 galleries this fine exhibition showing the entire set of paintings  selected for this competition is a must visit for those interested in portraiture, even photographic portraiture.

The collection of paintings comprises the final selection taken from an entry of over 2500 from around the world. The styles range from the beautiful and elegant Reynolds like ‘Laura in Black’ by Joshua Larock – shown above – to superbly competent photorealistic pictures like that of ‘The RT Revd & RT Hon Richard Chartres, Lord Bishop of London’ by Elena Vladimir Baranoff,  demonstrating a  breathtaking level of detail rarely seen except in high resolution photographic work.

Outside of being overpowered by the extraordinary level of technical skill displayed by these artists the photographer can see how portraiture is conducted in the 21stC. There’s much to see and much to learn.

The exhibition is straight from the National Portrait Gallery in London. It’s next, and final stop will be at the NPG in Scotland.

Entry is £5 with concessions being £4
Hours are 10.00am -16.00 daily
The Usher Gallery, Lincoln.

Information here:
And my favourite? It’s a toss up between ‘Alice and the planets’ by Lewis Chamberlain and the stark realism of ‘Silence’ by Bo Wang.

image credit;
Laura In Black
Oil on Linen
508 x 406
© Joshua  LaRock

Reviewed by:
PD Barton. October 2016

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