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A new Project.

I’ve added a new project to the others in my portfolio. I’ve always been interested in shops. Not the modern glossy chains, but the old and quirky, or just the simply odd. Empty shops interest me too.

I’m going to be sorting through my images this year to put up some pictures of shops and, of course, shooting new images in this genre too.

To start off the project here’s a picture I shot today in Woodhall Spa, a small town, more a large village really, to the east of here towards the coast. Woodhall is famous for being the base for 617 Squadron (The Dam-busters) during the 39-45 war. In many ways it still wears those colours.
As my mother would have said…

“It’s a village which thinks the war is still on”

It certainly does everyear when it stages a 40’s weekend.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s an image of just one for the shops in the village.

More to come over the year..

Feb 2020

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  1. This sounds like a great idea. Brings back memories of the shop at the top of the street called Star Lane in Ramsay, the town I lived in when dad was in the RAF and stationed nearby.
    Only missing the Woodbine sign!


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