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Exhibitions: The Reportrait exhibition, Nottingham

Today I traveled a few miles to Nottingham to view the ‘Reportrait’ exhibition at Nottingham Castle and Art Gallery.

I have an interest in portraiture. I like to see the works however they were created. Whether they have been made by hand or captured through a camera’s lens they fascinate me.

The last exhibition of painted portraits I visited was many years ago at the National Portrait Gallery.

Things evolve, fashions change, new artists appear, so I was unsure what to expect.

Not only were there examples of work made by hand using a range of drawing or painting implements, but there were photographs, 3D plastic busts and…well… just so much to involve the interest and curiosity of the observer.

I can’t speak profoundly about the art works. The contextualisation of artwork is beyond my limited grasp of fine art. Mine is a simplistic, visceral reaction to each of the works. I employ little or no intellect in my artistic appreciation I’m afraid. They move me, or they don’t.

However, even from that simplistic standpoint the exhibition is well worth visiting.

I was particularly drawn to the work of Maisie Broadhead. Her’s is a mash up of classical imagery from the likes of Vermeer, Hogarth etc which she reproduces photographically with three dimensional, real objects projecting past the frame.. Not only is the photographic work excellent, but that overlap between imagery and reality is both unnerving and fascinating.

Similarly the work of Philip Gurrey demands attention. Strong images, heavily painted, deformed portraits even. I loved the work.

The tour-de-force, at least so far as effort is concerned, must be the 500 piece collection of images by Samin Ahmadzadeh. Powerful as a collection and fascinating in their individuality.,

As you can probably tell, I enjoyed the exhibition of work. It seemed fresh and exciting as a curated collection and, like Samin’s work, each singular element in its makeup was fascinating it its own right.

It is a must go show.

The exhibition ‘Reportrait’ is open 27th May to 10th September at Nottingham Castle.

The exhibition comprises work from:

Annie Kevans, Anthony Metcallef, Glenn  Brown, Jake Wood-Evans, James E. Smith, Jasleen Kaur, Julie Cockburn, Maisie Broadhead, Mattieu  Leger, Paul Stephenson, Philip Gurrey, Samin Ahmadzadeh and Sasha Bowles.

More information can be found on the website here…

Nottingham Castle

n.b. I have provided no images of the artworks themselves for copyright reasons.

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