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Did it all really start from here…

It’s hard to imagine but the magnificent digital cameras of today started out from this very humble Casio of  1995. Yes! 1995. Only 20 years ago.

Odd too isn’t it the manufacturer of the first consumer digital camera  with an LCD screen was more synonymous with calculators than with optical equipment.

The Casio QV10, by todays standards was an appalling device. Many people accused it of being very badly designed with bad software and even worse results but, at the time it was the proof of concept that was required to take digital imagery forward.

Yes, even by standards of the day the result compared very badly to even those from a cheap film camera. And the cost! I remember buying one and wondered at the time why I was wasting my money on something so bad and expensive.

For it’s day, so formative and important was this camera that Japan’s National Museum of Nature and Science branded it as being…

“Essential historical material for science and technology”.

I remember being scoffed at by a photographer with a large photographic business and him saying “It’ll never catch on”. How wrong he was. Perhaps that’s why he’s not in the business today.

The camera had a 250 Kilopixel CCD and a 1.8inch screen and was powered by AA batteries.

Yes it was primitive but OH MY! did it prove the concept. And did it prove there was a market? Did it ever!   And look where we are today.

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