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Coventry in 2007

In the latter decades of the last century we lived in Coventry, in the West Midlands of England.

Coventry is an ancient city with Roman encampments, even a Roman Legion training camp, on the outskirts. It’s famous for, amongst other things, a former inhabitant, one Lady Godiva.
Whilst we lived there, as part of our business, we became early adopters of World Wide Web technology, usage and programming. We decided to produce a website about Coventry, the city where we lived, its development and its history – and in the process we would see what we could discover about Lady Godiva.

The site went live and thousands could get some insight about Coventry through our website. The site was called “”. Now long since defunct the only reference would probably be amongst the records of ‘The WayBack machine’. Some pages remain available here.

Hundreds of hours of research were carried out and a great many pictures were taken. In truth it was a rewarding and enjoyable process.

I was looking through the images recently and amongst them I discovered images I made of Coventry Cathedral, the new one that is – there have been three. I’ve put up a few of those images here, just for old times sake.

Oh yes. What about Lady Godiva? Yes, one such did exist, and she was married to Leofric. Did she ride through the City naked? Unlikely as:-

i. she owned the land thereabouts, not her husband Leofric, so why would she have to do this?
ii. There would have been no city as such. Coventry at that time would not have been considered so grand as to be considered a city.

Interestingly, in 1054 Godiva and Leofric actually re-founded and re-endowed the abbey church of Stow Minster, not far from where we live, in Stow, Lincolnshire.

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