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Book review: On the Night Bus. Nick Turpin

On the night bus.

Through a glass darkly #36 ©Nick Turpin 2016

Title: On the Night Bus.
Photographer: Nick Turpin
Reference: ISBN 978-1-910566-16-9
First published:  2016 by Hoxton Press.
Web site:
Size:160mm x 228 x 17mm portrait format
Comprising: An introduction by Will Self followed by Photographers notes from Nick Turpin and then 49 colour plates

I’ve followed Nick on Twitter for a while. During that time there have been glimpses of the ‘Night Bus’ work. So, when I saw it was to be turned into a book and I could pre-order a ‘collectors’ copy and by so doing get a free print… Well, the hook had been baited and I took it. I purchased the collectors edition which is beautifully bound and cased with  a small loose leaf print included. My version is signed, being a pre-ordered edition.

The finished book more than lives up to the teasers on Twitter. Forty Nine colour plates of people travelling on night buses in London. The images are haunting with more than a little of Saul Leiter’s work  about them. Elegant use of colour and abstraction  produced with more than a little creativity by  this highly experienced and accomplished street photographer.

This is an absolute must for any photobook collectors shelves. Go buy it whilst it’s still in its ‘first edition’.

PDBarton November 2016

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