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Occupations. A developing set of pictures of people related to their occupation. Check back regularly for additions.

Hotel Chef. Karnataka, India.

Many years ago I saw the work of  August Sander, a German Photographer 1876-1964 (you can read about him here and see some of his work). I was inspired. The book he published in 1929, ‘Face of our Time’ shows pictures, portraits of people. Ordinary people, less ordinary people, the man, and woman in the street. The book contains 60 portraits. It is quite literally a snapshot of the time.

I have chosen in my own humble way to do something similar, grouping the images on Facebook and Twitter with the tag #occupations. I am capturing people both here in Lincoln and the wider UK plus images from further afield, all featuring a person. Just a person.

I hope you like the set. I too have hopes of producing a book of these images at some time.






  1. bronwyn Flack says

    Hi Peter

    I am wondering if you would mind if I share this with my photography club?

    Bronwyn Flack

    Ph 0425261806



    • v70pdb says

      Of course Bron. It’s a public site. If they want any questions answering just ask. Though I don’t talk about specific camera gear. Suffice to say I use one camera, and one lens, most times just one shot too. I use a mirrorless camera.


  2. Hi Peter, Interesting to see how these images gather strength when viewed as a group, identification via occupation only, suggests that people may be shaped outwardly by their work, the lack of names invites a interpretation deeper than traditional portraiture, these pictures appear to prioritise occupation over person suggesting to me at least a connection between what we do, how we look and who we are ?


    • v70pdb says


      Thanks for your observations on this. Frequently, I believe, collections of images gain in strength from their collectivity.
      You know I’m not a big lover of explanations. They are what they are. I’m just keen to press on with more of these casual portraits.
      The idea of putting them up on a site is that I can show people what I’ve done and maybe induce some to partake in the project.
      Thanks again David.


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